Monday, 9 February 2009

Going to work by bus

I'm sure we've all noticed the appalling weather this week. We had a wedding to photograph in the centre of Nottingham yesterday (Friday 6th Feb), and given the road conditions and the parking restrictions at the Hotel, Anne & I decided we'd travel in by bus. It's all too easy to throw everything (including the proverbial kitchen sink) into the boot of the car, just in case it's needed.

This was a small one venue wedding, so we packed everything into our Photo Rucksacks, plus a bag with lighting stands, umbrellas and a monopod and walked to the bus stop for our lift into town.

In the event we had a great day! We spend some time in Nottingham and then walked to the Hotel for our wedding. In addition to all the snow that fell during the week the groom had organised a snow machine to add extra white to the pictures, it certainly added atmosphere! The pictures are great and will be on my website during the week.

Lesson learned? One doesn't have to go everywhere by car, occasionally a bit of lateral thinking can pay off!

The pictures can be seen via our web site;