Friday, 23 April 2010

Weird, Wonderful or Wacky Wedding?

Are you planning a “different” wedding this year? If so you may just be the couple Buttercross Photography are looking for.

In 2010 Buttercross Photography are looking for 10 couples who are having either a Weird, or a Wonderful or just plain Wacky wedding to photograph for FREE!

YES we will photograph your wedding FREE. You do have to pay a refundable £250 deposit, but if after viewing your pictures you really don’t like our work we’ll refund your deposit, otherwise you’ll be given £250 credit against the value of any pictures ordered.

The Deal;
• Your wedding must in some way be Weird, Wonderful or Wacky.
• This FREE offer is only available for Monday to Thursday weddings.
• We must be the sole “official” photographer.
• You need to pay a refundable deposit of £250.
• The deposit will be returned at your viewing if you don’t order any pictures.
• We may use some of your pictures in our publicity or PR.

To see if YOUR wedding will qualify for this unique offer;
Phone 01949 839 368.
TEXT wwww to 0774 034 6923 and we’ll call you back,

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Ken Clarke opens new warehouse in Bingham

Rushcliffe MP Ken Clarke took time out just from the election campaign to open a new warehouse for local High Tech business GWIBS 24-7.

Ken was gives a briefing about GWIBS business by their Sales & Marketing and Managing Directors, with their PR agent sitting in.

GWIBS had invited their key suppliers to the launch (& lunch). Ken said he wasn't going to give a "political" speach - and then did!

Ken cut the ribbon with GWIBS managing director, Graham White.

Ken also unveiled a plaque.

Ken also enjoyed a walk about to see the new warehouse full of stock ready for GWIBS to send out to the high tech projects they manage.

Taurus Littrow

Taurus Littrow are a local business who produce specialist solar shading (Brise Soleil) to address the growing need for for improved energy management in the working environment.

Here we see their shields on the walls of the new Magistrates Court in Loughborough.

Every part of these units are designed and manufactured by Taurus Littrow. They were keen for me to record the details as well as the "Grand Design".

Also in Loughborough these vertical blinds are on the Sir Richard Morris building at the university. The blinds move with the sun. So keeping the windows in shade.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

GWIBS 247 Environmental Policy

Today I had an interesting PR job for a local hi-tech company.
They've entered a National Environmental competition for businesses. I had to take interesting pictures to demonstrate their environmental policy.
One of their most interesting actions was to give each member of staff their own named mug. This action has saved them buying 2000 plastic mug a MONTH! Saving both cost and plastic being thrown away!

Each GWIBS driver is equipped with a fully functional PDA. This is in constant contact with HO so keeping track of staff and stock. Jobs can be billed immediately and no paper is used.

GWIBS run a fleet of variable size vans; Small, Medium and Large. Vans are allocated to a job depending on the need of the job. So saving un-necessary fuel consumption.


GWIBS Staff are also encouraged to participate in a government sponsored scheme to supply staff with bicycles. 95% of the staff live close to the business and so using bicycles saves car miles.

GWIBS managers regularly review their performance against their environmental targets.