Monday, 20 June 2011

Clare & Robin - A sneak preview

Hi, Last W/E it was our privilege to capture Clare & Robin's wedding. Here is a sneak preview of their pictures.
 Clare at home before leaving for the church
 Robin and his groomsmen walked to the church.
 Prayers during the service
 Claire in the church after their wedding
Claire and Robin in the church after their wedding. Notice the stair way for the bell ringers to walk along!
 A much more relaxed Robin after the wedding.
 Happily married:)
Clare and Robin happily married. View over Rutland Water.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Ingrid & Charlie - A sneak preview

Earlier this week (Monday) my daughter (Ingrid) married Charlie at the Unitarian Church in Frenchay, Bristol.

So what does a girl do when her father is a Wedding Photographer - Ask her dad to take the pictures. BUT as father of the Bride I need to be a part of the action so her Brother  (Gareth) volunteered to be chief photographer on her special day.

These are just a small selection of our images from her wedding to Charlie.

 Ingrid just before departing for the church. The dress, trimmed with Nottingham lace, was made by her mother (Anne).
Ingrid's wedding ring was her grandmother's eternity ring. A local Jeweler had to expand it a little so it would fit.

Little Emily was her single Bridesmaid. Emily has grown since Ingrid was her mother's maternity nurse after she was born.

Charlie waits for Ingrid to arrive.

Sarah (who first employed Ingrid as a nanny 16 years ago) played the harp during the service.

Leaving the Chapel after their wedding.

Entering  their Hotel.
 A quick last shot in the library of their hotel.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Natalie & Bryan - A Sneak Preview

Last weekend it was our privledge to capture Natalie & Bryan's wedding in rurual Lincolnshire. Here is a sneak preview of our images.

Natalie walked across the fields with her father to the church.

Their reception was at the quiet and tranquil Gorse Lodge.