Sunday, 16 September 2012

Becky & James - a sneak preview

I was a great delight to capture Becky & James special day yesterday. I was a beautiful day for their quiet village wedding, here is a sneak preview of their wedding.

The exchange of rings

Becky in her stunning dress.

Married! Becky & James in the quaint village church

Leaving the Church

Becky & James enjoying their first toast.

Becky & James arriving at the reception.

James & Becky - wonderfully in love.

Enjoying their first dance.

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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Kirsty & Mike, A sneak preview.

Hi, We were delighted to capture Kirsty & Mike's wedding at the fabulous Nottingham Council House last W/E.

Here is a "sneak preview" of their special day.


Guests waiting for Kirsty to arrive

Kirsty in Nottingham's wonderful Council House.

Kirsty enters on her father's arm

Mike & Kirsty meet.

Exchange of rings

Exchange of rings

The promise

First kiss


Everybody on the staircase, Nottingham Council House

Kirsty & Mike

Mike & Kirsty on Trent Bridge by the Riverbank Restaurant

Kirsty & Mike
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