Friday, 30 October 2009

Rachel & Graham

We enjoyed meeting Rachel and Graham for their pre-wedding session earlier this week.
We met them in the beautiful village of Woolsthorpe by Belvoir.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Wedding Fair

It was great to see all the couples who stopped by our stand at the Grantham Ramada Wedding Show last Sunday.

Just call 01949 839 368 or email me if you'd like to meet us again to discuss capturing those special moments of your wedding day.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Harlaxton Horse Ride

It was a great pleasure today to be invited to photograph the charity horse ride at Harlaxton near Grantham in Lincolnshire.

Donations are to be made to the Nott's/Linc's air ambulance.
More of our pictures are available on on website;

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Couple sued wedding photographer

I'm sure many have heard about the couple who sued their photographer for the bad pictures they received; See this article on the BBC web site.

My take on this story is;
1. Use a Professional Photographer! Not someone who "shoots wedding at the W/E to supplement his normal salary. Are they a member of a PROFESSIONAL organization such as BIPP or the MPA
We belong to both.

2. Make sure you see a recent example of a wedding THEY shot! One Italian album manufacturer we know (and don't use) gives photographers sample albums showing stunning weddings in Italy! We've even heard one photographer claim is their own work!!

3. Although money may be tight, it's the pictures from your wedding day that in years to come will bring back those happy memories of a wonderful day! Get the best you can afford!

Here are some previews from our weddings in September (very recent) showing the joy of the couples special day;
Sarah & Dan

Louise & Patrick

Kate & Simon

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Fork Lift Truck

The phone rang and the voice at the other end asked if I would go out to a local business park to take pictures of a fork lift truck.
They wanted pictures of this dusty and little used vehicle from each quarter, and over the cab seat looking at the controls, levers and peddles.They also wanted pictures of the engine from each side.
Pictures of the "hour meter" and I. D. Plate were also required.
The project was interesting for a number of reasons. The fork lift truck was housed in a vast and very dusty former aircraft hanger. Light levels were so low that I was shooting on a tripod at about 1 second with extra light pumped in from two remotely fired flashes.

It was a very interesting project and made a change from Brides and Grooms:)

Jo & Dale

It was great to meet Jo and Dale at the Belton Woods hotel last W/E for their pre-wedding shoot.
They're a lovely couple, and we look forward to capturing their weeding next summer.
We explored the fantastic situation in the hotel with them.
We also took them out by the golf course. It was a wonderfully sunny day - just like summer!
Sitting outside in the sun, we do hope the weather will be this good ofr their wedding next summer.

It was a great day!