Saturday, 17 August 2013

Chimgee & Kevin - their sneak preview

It was a great pleasure to be invited to capture Chimgee & Kevin's wedding at Stoke Rochford Hall last W/E.

Here is a sneak preview of their wedding pictures.

Kevin arriving at Stoke Rochford.

Kevin and his team outside the magnificent Stoke Rochford Hall

Chim in her stunning wedding dress.

A moment of quiet reflection for Chim

Kevin has a final word with his groomsmen

Chim on the arm of her father entering the Orangery.

They meet

Their wedding

Leaving the Orangery - Married.

Chim in her wonderful dress outside Stoke Rochford Hall

Kevin & Chim outside Stoke Rochford Hall

A quiet chat in the grounds of Stoke Rochford Hall

Kevin & Chim

Walking back to Stoke Rochford Hall and their guests

Chim changed into a traditional outfit for their reception.

Chim & Kevin cutting their cake in the Library of Stoke Rochford Hall.

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